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Life Between the Words World Poetry

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Nolan P. Holloway

Join me on "Illuminations" and get taken on a poetic journey
"Journey with me to the light"
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About The Author

Mr Nolan P. Holloway Published Author

The journey continues. The poetic flow begin in 2010 and lives today. Life has been wonderful but tempered with sadness. My rotation as a poet is to share my words with the hope that you will moved to action.
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Read all of those great reviews

Our book is incredible - there is no doubt about it. Those who read it know it already. Read just some of the awesome reviews that are all over the web.

Review Book

Our book is incredible - there is no doubt about it. Those who read it know it already. Read just some of the awesome reviews that are all over the web.

  • This was an awesome read and I'm so happy to have been in the rotation. My favorite's "faces" and "battle for me" are a true representation of life and the challenges we face. This book will remain in my collection for years to I have to run and venture on the Journey to the Poetic Light:Illuminations.

    - Amazon Review
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  • "Life Between the Words"

    You can feel Nolan Holloway's soul in the pages of Life Between the Words, and as a reader you are almost able to touch the heartache, the pain, and the suffering, so nearly tangible. One of my favorite lines in the collection is short and perfectly put. "Thank you for answering my Why?" As the human society that we are, we forever ask questions; it is in our nature. Seldom are we given answers, but when we are, it is sometimes all that is necessary to keep ourselves moving forward. If you want to be able to touch another man's soul, all you have to do is find this book and experience it for yourselves.

    - Erin Nicole Cochran
  • "A well-rounded introspective sensation!"

    Basking in the Glory of the Light A Poetic Medley of Inspiration, Wisdom, and Love Nolan P. Holloway fills our hearts with an abundance of light with his collection, Journey To The Poetic Light, which is exactly the main element that inspires this luminous poetry edition Poems such as 'Cerebral Wildness' characterize and personify the term "chaos", crowning this ruinous term as 'the beast' (typically associated with attributes of danger, power, and the wild). Considering the fact that our mind is an impulsive land of wonders, it seems quite natural that at some point, we succumb to the untamed nature of our thoughts, so we can most certainly relate to a temporary rapturous mind. But as Holloway tells us, it can also be perplexing, we would say, dangerous even, if one cannot eventually tame the wild nature of their cerebral.

    - Realistic Poetry International
  • "A spiritual and mental delight!"

    Into My Rotation: A Collection of Scribes, is a book complete with consistent stimulating inspiration and remarkable enthusiastic encouragement; yet and still, his expressions withstand from simplifying and underestimating the marvelous complexities of life. In conclusion, Author Nolan's collection of proverbial scribes will fill you with limitless surges of motivation that will effectively build your confidence, character, and fulfill you with genuine tranquility! His voice is one of a leader, a strong leader, whom understands that there is a mysterious beauty to life with specific purpose. This collection was a reflective and prestigious odyssey, one in which we all must take heed to one day, until we at last reach our final destinations.

    - Realistic Poetry International
  • The book is very soul touching. You can feel the heart and soul in every piece that is written.

    - Pen Name
  • I downloaded the digital version on my ipad and started reading. One piece brought me to tears.

    - Marcia S White
  • Journey to the Poetic Light "Illuminations" takes you on a poetic journey through this author's soul experience.

    - Kerajade
  • This is definitely a must read. The words draw you in. It put me in a meditative state, which is good for me after a stressful day.

    - L.Gandy
  • If you are not a novelist or an avid reader, this book will shock you into reading more books by Nolan P. Holloway.

    - Bobby Meadows
  • Review of Into my Rotations - A Collection of Scribes

    - Adam Brown
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